Wednesday, August 31, 2005

48 years! what next?

Two powerful spotlights dominated the darkened skies of Kinabalu, as if the Grammy's was in town. How I wish! But little did I remember, it was the night before our independence day. A huge crowd gathered around town to witness the performance and fireworks that will light up the darkness into an elegant and colourful display.

Having just arrived from a training flight, had plenty of energy left to explore the happenings around town. Streets were jammed packed. Still in the car ten minutes before midnight, I decided to stop at a spot where we could get a glimpse of the fireworks display and guess what, check out the pictures.....

Its the 48th year of Independence in our country. Malaysia has progress pretty well, but the question always in my mind is what next? We are now a well known developing country, and yet, the are still social and economical problems yet to be solved. One particular important problem is education. I dont expect our education system to be very good, but it should atleast be standardized and it should maintain a certain standard interms of teaching quality and also the effectiveness. Why education? Because thats the most important tool that will shape a young boy or girl to become a well rounded, well balanced individual ready for the challenges ahead in today's world environment.

Anyways, back to the main question still buzzin my mind! What next? I hope to see Malaysia as a comparable country amongs the other developing countries. But at the moment, its going to be a difficult task. Being in the airline industry, I've heard the saying "First world company, but Third world mentality!" This saying is VERY TRUE and it is just what is happening right now in our country. I hope this will change eventually and that will be the day when everyone can proudly call Malaysia a First World Country with First World Mentality! Happy Independence Day 2005!


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