Thursday, August 11, 2005

Recleared FL180....

Staring out from my office window, the beautiful sunset splashing a bright orange all over the City of Kota Kinabalu, just wondering the journey that took me to where I am now. The long hours, failures, blood and tears... all this for a little book with a couple of pages. But this coveted little book is not just any little book and my office is no 'glass windowed' corner room in a skyscraper.

The book that I was talking about is my Pilots License, and my office is a dark and cold room with small windows and lots of switches and button and LCD screens, a.k.a the Cockpit. Im a Second Officer for a major airline, based out of Kota Kinabalu , serving Sabah and Sarawak. Having been with my present company for over a year now and gone through my fair share of events and experiences, I hope to share this stories with all you guys and gals out there, interested in the life of an airline pilot or just to soak up the stories of an aviator.

One of the most important factor in providing a safe flight is clear and simple communication. I believe this will hold true for any job or special mission. Therefore, dont be shy and let me know what you think about my blog and what you want to hear from me. All emails, positive or negative, is always welcomed. I promise to reply to all emails although it may take sometime as I might be busy flying.

Alright, so with the introduction done, lets get it started......


Blogger martin said...

hey dante,

dont know if u still remember me. saw yr friendster blog. man.. i didnt know u were a pilot.... awesome! keep writing bro, u write well.


21 August, 2005 18:57  
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21 August, 2005 19:10  
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