Thursday, September 01, 2005

Misadventures of Alvyn and the Chipmunk!

Lately, I've been assigned as Safety Co-Pilot on a couple of line training flights as new cadets arrive Kinabalu. Whats that you may ask? Basically, its observing the flight so that nothing is missed out, as it could easily happen when the Captain is busy instructing the cadet. And ofcourse if for any reason the cadet is uncapable to fly, the Safety will take over. It may sound easy, and infact it is, because most of the time you just sit and observe. It can also get pretty boring. Some use this opportunity to give back knowledge and experience they have received during their line training as well as line flying. Being a cadet on line training is not a bed of roses. Training has and will always be like that. A cadet needs that support to show him/her the way to improve and understand the concept of flying the particular aircraft.

I've been interested in flying since I was young. Most of my books are aviation related and can normally sit down flying Flight Simulator for hours. Then, along came Alvyn, my classmate during my primary school days. His dad, a Captain on the Fokker 50, is still flying today. We we're so into flying that we even wanted to build our own aircraft. Still it was fun. Finished secondary school, I did my two semesters at a local college. Alvyn was hangin around helping out with family business. Still I'll find time to meet up and talk about stuff. It was good fun.

After my second semester in college, I didnt do that well and was thinking of switching colleges or doing something else even. At that moment, Alvyn was about to enter flying school and ask me to join him. I was hesitant at first, but eventually gave it a try. And the rest is history...
Now we work for the same airline, fly the same fleet and based at the same base. To me its like a second chance to do something I really wanted to do since I was young. The best part was I got to do it with a close friend....


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