Monday, October 10, 2005


Armed with an iced coffee and a slice of cheese cake, I try my best to stay awake, despite the constant nodes. For the first time since never, I stroll down to the coffee lounge to complete this important article. Coming up around the corner is my mandatory base check. This is one of the few check rides an airline pilot has to conduct to ensure that high standards are maintained throughout.

Speaking of standards brings me to a very delicated issue on standards. Every person has a different perception on how strongly should he or she follow the standards set by their respective company. Some follow strictly by the book, while some even have their own procedures. But what I found was this. It does not matter if you fly by the book or otherwise. It is how you use your judgement and common sense that matters.

There are a number of pilots who fly by the book, but it does not make them a better pilot or a safer pilot. And yet there are those whom fly by their own rules, but use prudent judgement and common sense and to me, this is the way it should be.

Dont get me wrong as I'm not championing the cause for flying without set standards. I totally support having set standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), but there is a limit to it. Even the SOP itself states that it should be use only as a guildline. If used prudently, judgement, common sense and SOP makes the best pilots around. From my one year experience, I have come to this conclusion.

Okay, till next time, I'd better get a move on it. I've been sitting here for almost 4 hours now. See you next monday... till then... Happy Landings...


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